Financial Counselors of America, Inc. (FCA) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1991. Our headquarters is located in Memphis, Tennessee, but our expanded facilities enable us to assist clients all across the United States.

Our mission is to assist individuals in breaking their dependency on debt, reducing bankruptcy filings, and to help them enrich their lives and achieve financial independence. We have a team of counselors, with advanced financial degrees, that are dedicated to teaching consumers how to learn to help themselves financially.

FCA is proud to announce the establishment of the Military Housing Assistance Fund (MHAF), to help military families achieve the American Dream they are defending. The Military Housing Assistance Fund creates the opportunity for members of the United States Military to realize the American Dream of home ownership. It also offers private citizens the opportunity to contribute needed support to those in military uniform who protect our country's freedom every day.

As part of our MHAF mission, we provide financial counseling to members of the National Guard and Reserves, deployed and serving in combat zones overseas, who are having problems meeting their monthly obligations due to their deployment and activation

Memphis, TN Location

Address: 3294 Poplar Ave. Suite# 304 Memphis, TN 38111
Local#: (901) 722-5000
Toll Free#: (877) 450-4404
Fax#: (901) 405-9000
Contact: Brian Lynn
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Nashville, TN Location

Address: 4605 Gallatin Pike Nashville, TN 37216
Local#: 615-457-2641
Toll Free#:
Fax#: 615-891-4395
Contact: Luis Del Mazo
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Connecticut Location

Address: 1165 Main ST. Suite 310 East Hartford CT. 06108
Local#: (860) 986-7470
Toll Free#: (877) 475-4238
Fax#: (860) 986-7472
Contact: Patty Athan
Email Address:

Oakland, CA Location

Address: 1300 Clay St., Suite 600 Oakland, CA 94612
Local#: (510) 450-1870
Toll Free#: 1-877-660-1908
Fax#: (510) 450-1871
Contact: Noe Ramirez
Email Address: